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Alpha Prime Nicks Easy Mod

Author: Nick

Date: July 2007

Installation: To install the Mod extract the content of the ZIP file to the Alpha Prime directly.

Content: After you extracted you will have the following in the AP directory:
Alpha Prime\scripts\ (directory)
Alpha Prime\definitions\ (directory)
Alpha Prime\definitions\gameplay.h (file)

Playing: To play the Mod you just need to start AP and it will be applied automatically, either by starting a new game in Easy
level, or by loading a previous savedgame also played in Easy level.
It has to always be in Easy level difficulty cause the Mod only changed that difficulty level.

Uninstall: To uninstall the Mod, simply delete the "scripts" directory


A very BIG thank you for Nick for putting his time and effort to create this so useful Mod and making AP a much more enjoyable game at least for me.
August 22, 2007,