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Please Fight Against Piracy in PC Games

My personal contribution for supporting no need of
disk inserted when playing and fighting against
Product Activation in Retail PC Games

Buying, boycotting, fighting piracy and defending developers profits are the best
weapons PC Gamers have to influence the industry in what they want for PC Games

prey 5 units bought

Extra rewarding Prey for not using Product Activation
after it was originally planned by the developer

pc games bought october 2006

PC Games bought in October 2006 with a special attention to those
not needing disk inserted when playing which are overall 80%

dark messiah 3 units bought full price

Extra rewarding Dark Messiah for giving freedom of choice and letting you play the
single-player part of the game without Steam just like a normal Retail PC Game should

unreal anthology 6 units bought

Extra rewarding Epic for giving freedom by removing copy-protection in all
their past games and including it in this anthology

no buy for steam pc games

Boycotting Steam in Retail cause of its Product Activation use

You count and you can also take action!

Please Fight Against Piracy in PC Games